Miryam Ayman Project

Every child has a talent that is meant to be explored and nurtured through motivation and recognition. SJAS is proud to reveal a promising talent, Miryam Ayman - Grade 4, who has written several short stories from which one was chosen to start with. Let's enjoy together what Miryam has prepared for us.



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Honoring Teachers

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Talanted student:

New outstanding SAT total score

�Samia Abu Tira� Competition 2014/2015

On Thursday 11 December 2014 and for the second time our dearest students have shown great achievement in winning the Second Place in �Samia Abu Tira� contest among schools of Shorouk District who participated in the competition. Our students showed reliability, honor, decent manners, and persistence in reflecting a good image. SJAS is proud of its students and teaching staff who lead the efforts of revision throughout preparation days. SJAS Principal Mr. Maher Girgis wished everyone a prosperous future and constant advancement on both personal and academic levels.


�Samia Abu Tira� Competition

SJAS was chosen as one of the unique schools to participate in �Samia Abu Tira� Competition in the Arabic Language and Arabic Social Studies subject for Grade 6. �Samia Abu Tira� was a famous character in the field of education with her passion for competitions and wished that one day she would be able to fulfill her dream. Unfortunately, she passed away before reaching her aim, which was the reason for naming the competition after her, in her memory. SJAS was one of the six participating schools from Shorouk District. Our students showed great efforts in competing with integrity and honor. They worked hard to prepare themselves for such a unique event. SJAS proudly won the First place. We dearly thank all our students who participated in the competition, and those who were well-prepared but unfortunately were not elected from the chosen 6 to join the event. SJAS thanks the Arabic Language staff and the Arabic Social Studies staff for their wide nonstop efforts inside the classrooms and during th e school day. Day after day and year after year they constantly show great bonds and mutual understanding of the mission of education.


MAP Tests

Measure of Academic Progress (MAP):

Map Tests 2014-2015:

Since 2009, SJAS has been undergoing the Measure of Academic Progress test (MAP) for Grades 1 till 10. MAP helps the school notice the academic progress of students year after year and monitoring their growth in specific subject areas: Reading, Language Arts, Mathematics and General Science.

Student assessments in English Language, English Reading, Math and Science. For more information click on the presentation below.

Family Guide to MAP Growth (DownLoad)  

Elementary, Middle & High School Class Leaders 2015/2016:

A good leader must have the discipline to work toward his or her vision single-mindedly, as well as to direct his or her actions and those of the TEAM toward the goal. Action is the mark of a leader. A leader should always do something to pursuit SJAS vision and inspire others to do the same. Leaders must possess the ability to bring a team together, regardless of the personalities involved and the dynamics of the work group.

One of the competencies of a good leader involves the ability to lead people and facilitate a cooperative team. Because management involves so much delegation, a good leader must be able to rely on his team members to carry out a variety of tasks. Without a cohesive team, effective delegation and division of duties is more difficult.